Lilongwe Business Expo

Investment Gala Dinner is a unique corporate event and the highlight of the investments and financial markets industry in Africa.

Investment Gala Dinner which is organised by Academic Summit Limited will take place in the elegant venue of BICC (Umodzi Park) in Lilongwe the Capital City of Malawi, starts with an exclusive networking experience, an exceptional opportunity to meet and lobby with over 500 high-level C-suite executives, business leaders and government officials. Investment Gala Dinner will host very special keynote CEOs, who will inspire the audience and inform them about the latest trends and what lies ahead for C-suite executives and investors regarding sustainable financing.


  • To be inspired by our honourable speakers who will present their thoughts and insightful predictions on the investment and financial sector
  • To be part of a one-of-a-kind platform for meaningful exchange of views and ideas on technical and strategic issues of sustainable financing in Africa
  • To get insights about the shaping future and growth opportunities in African markets
  • To have the opportunity to be part of an exclusive networking occasion with senior executives, leaders and decision makers
  • To enjoy an excellent dinner, fine drinks and a special dinner entertainment programme

Objectives of Investment Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner Provide a global platform for engagement and dialogue on emerging and key issues related to investing for sustainable development. The objectives include:

  • Clarify and shape C-suite executive’s agenda on each of the six dimensions of the role: corporate strategy, organizational alignment, team, board engagement, stakeholders, and personal working norms.
  • Learn from the latest research and from the wisdom and experience of successful CEOs and experts on what sets the best CEOs apart from the rest.
  • Connect with peers in a way that share lessons learned and expands your network.
  • Allow CEOs to build business and professional relationships to better address the challenges and opportunities in their sector
  • Provide an exclusive, confidential and safe environment for C-suite executives to exchange ideas and experiences
  • Support leadership development among senior management
  • Identify and honor the Most Respected C-level executives across African from a variety of different sectors

Investment Gala Agenda:

6:00PM – Cocktails & Corporate Networking

6:30PM – Welcome Remarks and Ice Breaker by the Guest of Honour

6:45PM – Sponsor Presentation

7:00PM – Royal Dinner and Corporate Networking

7:40PM – Investment Opportunities in Malawi by MITC (Malawi Investment and Trade Centre)

8:00PM – Special Presntation by SMEDI (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute)

8:20PM – CEO’s Panel Discussion – Shared Knowledge. Shared Experience. Better Results

This session will offer C-suite executives, SMEs and Startups a perspective on today’s issues in the surplus lines industry and related personal career experiences. Accelerating performance through the highest impact, least time-intensive peer group for forward-thinking and action-oriented CEOs, executives, and business owners..

9:00PM – Conclusion